Un Master en escritura blogger

XXXLimagenUna leccion detallada de como mejorar en 31 pasos la escritura de los blogs, imprescindible lectura cuando se quiere pasar de un aspecto aficionado a uno mas profesional en los resultados

Una parte de ese blog esta destinado a una sustanciosa version que a todos nos gustaria: Blogging for Dollars

Todo es cuestion de tiempo, a esa meta se dirige este mundo de escritura diaria .. asi que conviene prepararse lo mejor posible

Como muestra , el indice del master:

Miscellaneous Posts

* Introduction to the 31 Days to Building a Better Blog Project
* Blog Case Study - Is it Time to Quit?
* SEO Tip 1 - Put Keywords in Titles
* Domain Name Suggestion Tool - DomainBot
* On Posting Schedules
* Social Bookmarking - Getting your Blog Noticed
* Converting One off Visitors to Your Blog into Regular Readers
* Writing Blog Content - Make it Scannable
* When is it Time to Go Pro as a Blogger?
* Overnight Blogging Success
* Adsense Optimization Case Study - BuzzMachine

Strategic Blogging Series

* Introduction
* Mission
* Values
* Vision and Goals
* Issues, Present Reality and Future Direction
* Strategy
* Action Plan
* Complete Series in one Post

Declaring War on Blogger Apathy Series

* Part I
* Part II
* Part III
* Part IV
* Part V
* Part VI
* Complete Article

Search Engine Optimization Tips for Blogs Series

* Introduction
* Off Site Techniques
* Keywords
* Internal Links and Frequent Posting
* Site Themes and Design
* Outbound Links and Choosing a Domain
* Lengthy Domain Registration, One Topic Posts, Optimal Length Posts
* Duplicate Content, Pinging and MyYahoo
* Quantities of Content and Submit to Search Engines
* SEO Articles and Resources
* The Complete SEO for bloggers Series

How Email Newsletters can Improve your Blog

* Part I - Benefits of Email Newsletters
* Email Newsletter Tips for Bloggers

Affiliate Programs for Blogs

* Affiliate Programs for Blogs - Introduction
* Amazon Associates Program
* Clickbank
* Commission Junction
* LinkShare

Reader Submitted Links

Day 1’s Submitted Links

* 5 Blog Traffic Tips
* Only 2 Good Reasons to Blog for Profit
* Dominic Foster documents his 31 Days

Day 2’s Submitted Links

* Blog Tips for August
* The Top 10 Things You Should Know Before You Blog
* Blog to Learn
* Keyword Reseach

Day 3’s Submitted Links

* Developing Community
* Secrets of Google Sitemap
* Top 10 Blog tips
* Full Feeds or Extracts in feeds
* Keeping organized when you post on more than one topic

Day 4’s Submitted Links

* Business Blogging - What do I say?
* The Writers Buzz
* Blog Tips for Writers - Part 1
* Productivity Tips for Avid Blog Readers

Day 5’s Submitted Links

* Blog Tips for Writers 2
* Script for Firefox which prevents publishers clicking on their own Adsense ads

Day 6’s Submitted Links

* Blogversation - How to Build blogosphere easily
* How NOT to Build a Successful Online Business

Day 7’s Submitted Links

* Tips for a Successful Blog
* Make sure you have enough to say
* Exit Adsense
* are there three blogospheres

Day 8’s Submitted Links

* Writing for the Web
* How should a blogger respond when they get a comment?
* Better Blogging

Day 9’s Submitted Links

* Building a Better Blog - Six Do NOTs
* Search Engine Optimization Tips for Beginners
* Blog Search Engine Optimization
* Publish at the right time
* Anything That Can be Measured, Can be Improved
* Design Theory for New Bloggers
* You’re going to spend a lot of time talking to yourself in the beginning
* Short conversations, long conversations

Day 10’s Submitted Links

* Anyone for Comments?
* Not everyone knows what a blog is

Day 11’s Submitted Links

* Interlinking and Date Stamps
* Give Your Blog Site A Health Check
* Technorati Tags: What? Why? How?

Day 12’s Submitted Links

* 6 Ways To Get Out Of The Deserted Blog Island
* 10 Useful SEO tips
* 4 Steps To Get Your Website In Googles ‘Back Door’
* Keep Searching Blogs

Day 13’s Submitted Links

* Building Traffic for Bloggers
* Site search, calendars and search term hilite
* Blog Better By Learning from the Rapper
* Blogging for its own sake
* Help for the Business end of a Business Blog

Day 14’s Submitted Links

* The Seven Deadly Sins of Blogging

Day 15’s Submitted Links

* 7 Mistakes for your First Week Blogging
* How to start a new Blog
* Setting up a Blog
* Make Feedburner Work for You
* Vary your content!
* Thick and Thin Clients
* Which one pay more
* Copy Paste: Why and Why Not?
* Non-SEO Marketing for Instant Massive Traffic

Day 16’s Submitted Links

* Improve Your Blog’s Content in 5 Steps
* Build a Better Blog: Build a Blogging Team
* CMS and the Web
* Wordpress as a CMS
* Donate Buttons
* Giving Your Business a Personality
* Content is King
* Blogosphere Networking
* Blogstars :: The Price of Success
* A Word to All Bloggers
* Reasons to Read my Blog
* Tips on Starting a New Blog - Part 1
* Turn a negative situation into a positive one

Day 17’s Submitted Links

* Tuning Your Entry Titles
* Improving Blog Headlines: Lessons Learned offline
* Fighting Link Rot
* What do I care what Strangers Blog?
* Develop a “Constant Reader”

Day 18’s Submitted Links

* Emails, Newsletters and the Law
* Stay out of the Copyright Jail

Day 19’s Submitted Links

* The Power of the Mission Statement
* Observational Blogging
* Technorati, tagging and all that
* Starting a Blog Using WordPress and Dreamhost
* Using blogs as a learning Tool
* Guest Blogging and Other ways to create content
* Adwords First Experience
* Track your Visitor
* Introversion and How to Win Friends
* Winamp playlist
* Cross Browser Compatibility

Day 20’s Submitted Links

* Blogging Blues
* Pro-blogger barter
* Journey to Become Pro Blogger
* Why Keeping Several Blogs Can be a Good Idea
* The Tools of the Trade
* Let online tools help you begin
* To All WordPress Users: Back up Matters
* Responding to Blog Criticism
* Building Traffic on this Blog
* What to Write About in Blogs
* Turn Your Life Experiences into Blogs
* Blogging the Write Way
* Mice Life

Day 21’s Submitted Links

* Should My Home Business Have a Blog?
* Is your Blog Placement hurting Conversion
* How to Benefit from Google Sitemaps

Day 22’s Submitted Links

* Content Mangement System Review
* Keep your Blogging Software Up to Date
* Remove your own Duplicate Content
* Find Their Need and Fill It
* Google Adsense for Search
* Is your Site Pleasing to the Eye
* How to Prevent Blog Bloat
* Blogging Tip: Permalink
* Free Essential Tools for Blogger
* Web Site Promotion and Popularity
* Amazon Associates Program
* Track Visitors Using Google Maps
* PHP Bloggers Magazine
* Proper Use of Your Blog Links
* Why would you want to Blog Professionally
* Best Practices for Driving Traffic with Blog Carnivals

Day 23’s Submitted Links

* Target Your Audience
* Blog Rating - Increase your Blogging Confidence
* Blogging while on the clock
* Display relevant Ads in Blogs: Just suggest Google

Day 24’s Submitted Links

* Bill Gates for President?

Fuentes: 31-days

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